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Team building and teamwork

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Your teammate teamwork will be disguised as direct troops into the battlefield
Paintball is a sports game Teambuilding travel, players split into groups or individuals, compete to eliminate opponents. Teams wear military uniforms and shoot each other with a special gun, called a paintball. The player who hits the paint is considered to have been eliminated from the battlefield.
Teambuilding Team Power
I was involved in paintball game in Da Lat tourism tour company organized travel agency combined touring team. Just as close to my imagination of Painball, the pitch for organizing the game is specifically designed with bunkers, bunkers, obstacles for teams to carry out defensive and offensive tactics.
The task of my team is to rob the yellow flag and stop the other team from stealing their red flag. We need to discuss the strategy to accomplish this task and assign the members to the same team.
Each member is equipped with: a pair of armor-like trousers, a mask covered from the neck upwards with iron grids and glasses, scarves divided by color to distinguish teams and protect the area. neck. And certainly no guns can be missing with paintballs.
Game players inform about the rules of the game, the rules of playing Paintball to ensure the safety of players. The minimum safe distance is 5m, and warns you to be careful with the paintball, since close range bullets can bruise the bullet. A player is eliminated from the game (OUT) if hit by paintballs three times.
Teambuilding Team Power
Paintball - A game of tactics and teamwork
The match started, as previously agreed, we decided to apply fast attack tactics, two teams will cover the sides of the opponent, a guard team flag. The other team applied defense tactics, held important positions and waited for opportunities to counterattack ... They wait for the enemy to run out or replaced to counterattack.
Everyone knows just the game, but when the battle is really suspenseful and urgent, both sides are arrayed. I was assigned the task of protecting the midline, conditionally rising and, most importantly, firing the way for two teams with two wings to penetrate deep into the other side, giving the opportunity to the yellow flag.
Whistle started, both sides are in accordance with the tactics have been ... Plate ... Tach ... gun explosion in the sky ... the troops began to tug at each other
"Asia ..." has hit "Go back" ... the referee asked injured soldiers to retreat to his headquarters. The enemy's first line of defense was not yet ready ... the team's right side began to crawl on the grass to close the first defensive line.
The other side began to change tactics, they focused firepower on the left wing, where we just captured with determination to push us off the block, I was hit pretty much hit, there are two people Get out of the battle, the battle began to change, losing people forced us to defend the left wing ... where we hit the closest to the enemy flag.
Right side up, the captain signaled ... 1 of my teammates started to glaze, all 2 teams are interested in the left column, creating almost empty space, running ... he runs hurried through the two defenses of the enemy ... one more round to reach the yellow flag ... the enemy discovered then ... protect him ... all navigation to protect the runners on the ... Go back ... not yet ... both sides struggled fiercely.
I have 4 people out of ammunition out ... retreat quickly. The enemy began to counterattack they have captured the original unit, is close to the red flag ... more people run out of bullets ... entrenched only. The whole team has changed completely, the gold team almost came to life, they attacked both wings, back and forth ... and again one person I was eliminated ... lost ... they have captured the flag and are running to the finish . The referee signaled the end of the match.
I was fatigued, I was hit by the flank, almost all the two teams were hit, began to experience, the tactical compliance and information in the team when the match was done so. How did the changes in the process go out? ... and the lessons of mutual support were all summed up after the heated battle.
Leaving the game area, everyone's eyes light up because of belief in teammates and their strength. Paintball is very interesting, next time I will play better.
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