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Established in 2008, is the first private company in the Binh Thuan market, with its initial business is organizing tourism programs for visitors to the country and abroad, experiencing Long time to build and develop, PHANTHIETTOUR constantly grow to become one of the leading travel agencies of the province. Business lines are expanding: domestic and international travel, air ticket, train ticket, hotel management, restaurant, etc.

Phan Thiet Tourism and Trading Co., Ltd. is Phan Thiet Tour. Headquarter is located at 215B Thu Khoa Huan Street, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province.

Tourism today has become the needs of each of us. As one of the business units in the field of communications and tourism in Vietnam, since its establishment, Phan Thiet Tour has made great strides. With a staff of enthusiastic, passionate and passionate professionals who have been trained at home and abroad, many experienced guides in the field of tourism and tourism have made great contributions to the tourism industry. Vietnam.

Besides the visa service products, air ticket booking, car rental service, restaurant service, hotel, the main business of the company is the design and implementation of a professional tour sightseeing tours, pilgrimage tours, convalescence visits to visit relatives inside and outside the country.

In addition to business activities, Phan Thiet Tour also regularly sponsors humanitarian programs, community activities such as humanitarian blood donation programs, rescue programs for victims of floods and floods.

The next objective of the company is to promote the online business: tour booking & online booking, hotel booking, car booking online. Accepting payment of various types of cards such as domestic cards, visa, master card ... on the leading payment gateway in Vietnam and the world as Paypal, Onepay, ... And exploit the new tourist destinations such as England , Europe, Australia, USA, Japan, Korea, Dubai, Myanmar ...

With the motto "quality pioneering" and the policy of diversifying products and ensuring the right fulfillment of their commitments, Phan Thiet Tour has positioned itself in the heart of partners and customers are leading brands of quality. and professional service style.


Address: 215B Thu Khoa Huan St., Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan province
Tel: 0623 64 8888 - 0919 16 76 74
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