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Fleeing the winter must visit these cities

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In the winter, guests can choose to enjoy the warm southern climate or the snow north.

1. Puerto Rico

Winter escapades must come to these cities - 1

More than a year after Hurricane Maria destroyed Puerto Rico, the island's tourism industry has recovered and is poised to welcome visitors who enjoy the warm weather of winter. More than 2/3 of hotels here have opened the door again. The most popular destination is St. John's Beach. Regis Bahia is located near the El Yunque National Park.

2. Iceland

Winter escapades must come to these cities - 2

Over the years, the number of visitors has exceeded the population of Iceland but not in the winter. Even so, visitors to Iceland at the end of the year enjoy a glimpse of fanciful northern lights, glacier walks or hot springs at the Blue Lagoon.

3. Andermatt-Sedrun, Switzerland

Winter escapades must come to these cities - 3

Andermatt-Sedrun is a famous ski resort in the Swiss Alps. Both the villages of Andermatt and Sedrun are often crowded with tourists coming here to relax and ski in the winter. It is also the largest ski resort in Switzerland.

4. Indonesia

Fleeing the winter must visit these cities - 4

Thousands of islands are the ideal place for visitors to enjoy the warm climate between the cold winter. Guests can choose to stay at the Bawah Reserve Resort on the pristine Anambao Islands or to Flores Island, the gateway to the Komodo National Park.


5. Snowmass, Colorado, USA

Winter escapades must come to these cities - 5

The Snowmass Base Village ski resort was built for $ 600 and is scheduled to open in November. It includes a ski club, a business center with ice skating rink and 99 hotel rooms, heated swimming pool, ..

6. Lake District, Chile

Fleeing the winter must come to these cities - 6

As temperatures fall and daylight hours are shorter than in the northern hemisphere, visitors often choose places in the south to enjoy the endless summer. The Lake District in Chile is especially crowded during October and November each year. Guests can take part in activities of exploring the nature or experiencing the life of local people.

7. New Zealand

Winter escapades must come to these cities - 7

New Zealand is well known for its hiking trails such as Great Walks or Milford Track. Along these routes, visitors have the opportunity to admire waterfalls, bays and stunning landscapes.

8. Maldives

Winter escapades must come to these cities - 8

The diverse coral reefs in the Maldives are ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving. You can also experience the feeling of eating in an underwater restaurant or wandering alone on the island.

9. Egypt

Winter escape must come to these cities - 9

Before the political crisis of 2011, Egypt attracted about 14 million visitors a year, but this number declined significantly in the following years. Late autumn and early winter is an ideal time to explore Cairo and take a cruise along the Nile. The most attractive destinations in Egypt are the pyramids.

10. Bray, England

Fleeing the winter must come to these cities - 10

The riverside town of Berkshire is an ideal place for visitors from London to eat, drink and watch in the winter months.Honeymooners can enjoy seafood on Monkey Island in the middle of the Thames.

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